Why Hydration Is So Important To Our Health

June 1, 2019

We all know that water is essential for any living thing. Humans, animals, plants and trees all need to stay hydrated in order to survive.

The NHS recommends that adults drink between six and eight glasses of water daily. Two-thirds of the human body Is made up of water, so it’s important we’re keeping topped up, and especially so if we’re active.

Athletes can lose between six and ten per cent of their body weight when taking part in professional sports, and that’s just from perspiring. But even if we’re not all the next Usain Bolt, if you’re carrying out any form of exercise, it’s best practice to replace any fluid lost – and that’s in addition to the NHS’s recommended daily intake.

A survey carried out by the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) showed that out of the 2000 British adults who took part, 17% didn’t drink any water at all during the average day. Only 8% consumed 1.5 litres (approx. 7.5 glasses), whilst just 6% drank two litres.

Men, it seems, are less hydrated than women, with 20% of men who were surveyed claiming they drink no water at all in comparison to 13% of females.

Yet the health benefits of good hydration are widely publicised. Water doesn’t damage teeth like hot or sugary drinks can, it’s calorie-free and is cheap! When it comes to taking care of our joints, water ensures that they are lubricated and cushioned and drinking a good amount of water also provides protection for tissues and the spinal cord. Good hydration has been proven to regulate body temperature and maximise physical performance whilst improving strength, power and endurance.

Research has further shown that it boosts energy and activates metabolism, and taking on water after a massage can reduce soreness as well. Some studies even claim that drinking water can help you to lose weight.

So, what are you waiting for? Water has many more benefits than simply quenching your thirst. And with a number of fitness and wellbeing apps now available that will remind you to drink, it’s easier than ever to reach your hydration goals. Keep a jug on your desk, or a water bottle in your bag. And see what a difference H20 will make to your health and performance.

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