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Common contact sports injuries

In the midst of the Rugby World Cup, there seems no better time to discuss contact sports.  Contact sports are some of the most exciting for spectators, offering a fast pace, twists, turns and lots of anticipation.... [Read more]

Top tips for exercising in heat

It’s easy to feel more motivated to exercise throughout the summer months. Waking up to light mornings and sunshine can encourage even the most unenthusiastic of us to get up and out and take better care of our bodies.... [Read more]

Lower back pain treatment & rehab

As one of our previous recent articles explained, lower back pain is really common. Most often, this pain is caused by mechanical issues, but problems can also sometimes be non-mechanical, and can need further investigation... [Read more]

Causes of shoulder pain

Mobility over stability The upper limbs are crucial. They help us to explore the world, allowing us to reach, pull ourselves up, push open doors and save ourselves if we fall. Without even thinking about it we use our... [Read more]

Why hydration is so important to our health

We all know that water is essential for any living thing. Humans, animals, plants and trees all need to stay hydrated in order to survive. The NHS recommends that adults drink between six and eight glasses of water daily.... [Read more]

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