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How to prevent the most common running injuries

There’s no denying that running is a great way to keep fit. It can help you to lose weight, lower cholesterol, increase lung function, boost immunity and relieve stress. Running has become an increasingly popular... [Read more]

Why hydration is so important to our health

We all know that water is essential for any living thing. Humans, animals, plants and trees all need to stay hydrated in order to survive. The NHS recommends that adults drink between six and eight glasses of water daily.... [Read more]

What is atraumatic shoulder instability?

Whilst most shoulder dislocations are a result of trauma (an injury), some people also experience episodes of instability without having injured themselves. As physios, its important for us to work out why such instability... [Read more]

6 Top tips for healthy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day…cue the chocolates, wine and meals out. Although the occasional indulgence won’t hurt, if you’re keen to stick to a more healthy routine this February, there are plenty... [Read more]

What to expect from your first appointment at W5Physio

At W5, we understand that any form of medical treatment can be daunting. And especially so if you’ve never had physio before. It’s normal to have a whole host of questions such as, will it hurt? Will I see immediate... [Read more]

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