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At W5Physio our goal is simple…to improve your symptoms, then really get to the root of your problem and cure it for good.

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How can we be so confident? Well, our physios believe in ‘hands on’ treatment. We won’t leave you on a machine for 20 minutes, or hand you a sheet of exercises to get on with. We use mobilisation and manipulation techniques for getting stiff or painful parts moving again, before carefully guiding you through a personalised rehabilitation plan for getting you moving correctly and then staying pain-free.

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We also offer acupuncture (where needed) for reducing pain, inflammation, muscle spasm and to aid healing. We often recommend Pilates as part of your treatment plan. And we use cutting edge technology: a Diagnostic Ultrasound machine to help provide greater insight and clearer diagnoses, and a Shockwave Therapy machine to provide pain relief from a host of common complaints, alleviating the need for medication or injections.

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Set up 10 years ago by founders Stewart and Greg, W5Physio is a team with a wealth of experience offering our patients leading physiotherapy treatments. And most importantly, we keep you, the patient, at the centre of the process to ensure we meet your expectations on every single visit.

We’re proud to be listed as one of the top three physiotherapists in Ealing, West London. Come and see for yourself!

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