Introducing the Mummy MOT

December 1, 2021

Are you a mummy? Make sure you fit in some you time!

The Mummy MOT’s a comprehensive postnatal assessment. We’ll check your posture, pelvic floor muscles (with an internal examination, where appropriate) and abdominal muscles with particular attention to any gapping. We’ll also screen for any prolapse, bladder/bowel issues or sexual dysfunction.

Through combining our findings with your goals, we’ll provide you with a tailored treatment plan to address any issues found and help us to work on getting you back to the activities and sports you enjoy in a safe, pain-free and optimal way.

Mother and Child, The Mummy MOT

At W5Physio we’re delighted to be offering this vital service for mums with Vicky Carey. She’s a certified Mummy MOT Practitioner and a Women’s Pelvic Health specialist with extensive expertise in this area. And, having had two children of her own, she personally understands the importance of this therapy.

You can book in for your Mummy MOT 6 weeks after the birth of your baby and following your GP check, but it’s also for any women, whether it’s months or even years since you’ve given birth.

We know how busy mums are, but that’s why it’s important to ensure you’re in tip-top condition! Set some time aside and book your Mummy MOT today.

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