Introducing Shockwave Therapy at W5Physio

July 4, 2021

We’re pleased to announce we’re now able to provide a new form of therapy which can help to improve symptoms in a range of conditions that we regularly see in our clinic. 

Things like tennis or golfer’s elbow, medial tibial stress syndrome, patella tip syndrome, Achilles or calcific tendinopathy, Osgood-Schlatter disease or plantar fasciitis can all benefit from Shockwave Therapy. 

That’s why we were keen to invest in this new piece of technology which produces high energy sound waves to treat long-term pain. Your physiotherapist will administer the sound waves which encourage blood flow and metabolism to your specific area of pain, stimulating your body’s own healing process.  It’s completely non-invasive and reduces the need for patients to take medication or injections. 

We’re now able to offer this treatment alongside more traditional physiotherapy methods and are seeing excellent results with patients experiencing less pain and often a reduction in symptoms after their first session. 

A course of between three and six shockwave treatments is advisable. Please ask your physiotherapist for more details or get in touch with us today to see if Shockwave Therapy could help you. 

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