Benefits of physio

November 9, 2021

Many people swear by physiotherapy and have benefitted from its effects for many years. But if you’re new to physio and all the specialisms within it, it’s normal to have questions and you may be wondering whether it’s for you.

At W5Physio, you can be reassured that our physiotherapists are highly trained and also highly motivated by helping people like you to achieve optimum health and fitness. We’re obviously also massive advocates of physiotherapy and believe its advantages are endless…but decide for yourself. To help, here’s our overview of the benefits of physio.It assists in lots of different conditions – physio works on a long list of common (and not so common) complaints. From problems with bones, joints, and soft tissue, to issues with the brain, nervous system, lungs, or heart, it’s proven to get great results across a wide range of medical issues. Whether patients have experienced an accident, sports injury, stroke, wear and tear issue, or have an ongoing medical condition, physio can normally help.

It’s suitable for all ages

From babies to the elderly, physio is suitable for people of any generation. Your physio will work to the body type and strength of the person they’re working with. If you’re prescribed exercises to carry out at home, you’ll be advised to work to your own ability and to never undertake anything that causes additional pain or discomfort. It’s gentle and adaptable so perfect for any age.

It’s bespoke

Physios treat every client individually. We could have ten patients visiting with the same problem, but we’ll look at your body, age, medical history, and your level of discomfort to devise a tailored care plan that will work best for you.

It’s non-invasive

In certain conditions, surgery, injections, and other invasive procedures are unavoidable. But, sometimes, physiotherapy can be a good alternative and is always worth investigating before going under the knife. In our clinic we also provide things like Shockwave Therapy which has excellent evidence in the treatment of chronic tendon related problems.

It prevents future injuries – if you’re being treated for an injury, your physio will work with you to not only get you better, but to prevent future occurrences too. You’ll be guided through techniques for strengthening specific areas of weakness and improving things like balance and posture so that you’re less likely to experience similar problems again.

Immediate improvement (sometimes)

Depending on your specific complaint, physios will use their skills in manipulation to provide you with hands-on therapy. This often results in immediate relief for some conditions. At W5Phyio, we love seeing patients walking confidently out of our clinic after having watched them limp their way in just shortly before.

You’ll get advice

Physiotherapists have a great understanding of all elements of health and fitness and can educate/advise you on lots of different day to day topics. From a fitness regime, daily strengthening exercises, or measures to improve posture or alignment, a physiotherapist will take a holistic approach to your treatment, looking at your entire body to help you to improve.

Additional treatments

Most physios have additional skills that they can offer alongside more traditional physio techniques. At W5Physio our team are trained in acupuncture and Pilates which, when used with physio, can get even better results, and quicker. We also have a Diagnostic Ultrasound machine, giving us greater insight into your condition, and our Shockwave Therapy machine which reduces pain in specific cases.

Keen to see whether physio’s for you and your specific condition? We’d love to hear from you. Either contact us to book an appointment or feel free to get in touch to chat with one of our experts to learn more about physiotherapy and how it could help you. 

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