6 Top Tips For A Healthy Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2022

It’s Valentine’s Day…cue the chocolates, wine and meals out. Although the occasional indulgence won’t hurt, if you’re keen to stick to a more healthy routine this February, there are plenty of ways to show your partner your appreciation for them, without completely neglecting your well-being in the process.

Here are our suggestions for some alternative Valentine’s activities

1. Get moving

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean sitting indoors, eating or watching a rom-com. Why not try getting sweaty with your partner by heading out for a run, cycle or walk? There’s nothing more rewarding (or romantic) than feeling like you’ve both achieved a shared goal. You could even pack a picnic. After all, you’ll need to keep your strength up after burning all those calories.

2. Cook a meal together

We all know that cooking at home is the healthiest option when it comes to avoiding hidden calories, fats and sugars. This Valentine’s Day, why not plan a tasty but healthy meal in the comfort of your own kitchen? Enjoy time with your loved one as you share the food prep, before sitting down at your very own candlelit table for two. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a special evening without piling on the pounds.

3. Take a dance class

Is there a more perfect excuse to get close to your companion than in a dance class? Dance is one of the best ways to get into shape as it helps with posture and provides a workout for both body and mind. Take your Valentine in your arms and take to the dance floor – it’s one of the most popular hobbies in the UK right now.

4. Book a massage

Low lights, indulgent smells and chilled-out background music. There’s nothing more romantic than a couple’s massage as Valentine’s treat. Even better is that a massage is a great way to take care of yourself: promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, easing aches, pains and inflammation, as well as improving sleep.

Don’t fancy leaving the house? Why not pamper your partner with a massage at home? Best of all, they’ll probably agree to repay the favour too.

5. Take a bath

Warm baths are another great way to reduce stress, ease aches and pains and create a little romance. Bring out the bubble bath, light some candles and scatter some petals for the perfect atmosphere. Your loved one will appreciate the effort and your muscles and mind will appreciate it too.

6. Climb a mountain

There are few things more rewarding than testing your body with a hike up a mountain. Better still, there are few things more romantic than the stunning view when you reach the summit. Get adventurous with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day and create an unforgettable experience. And don’t forget the champagne and strawberries for when you arrive at the top!

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