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Your first visit

Diagnose, treat, cure.


On your first visit to us, we’ll ask you lots of questions. We need to identify the best course of action and ensure that physiotherapy can help your condition.

We’ll also carry out some physical tests to confirm a diagnosis. We’ll need access to the body part causing you problems, so remember to dress appropriately.

We’ll listen carefully to your concerns and answer your questions openly and clearly. At the end of the session we’ll explain your diagnosis, the prognosis (i.e. percentage of expected recovery and how long we think it will take for you to feel better) and we’ll advise on the approximate number of physio sessions we think may be necessary. Remember though, that everyone is different and recovery times will vary between individuals. We’ll check your progress at each session.



From your first session, you’ll receive treatment that is tailored specifically for you and your condition. This could include hands-on manipulation, prescribed exercise and also sometimes sports massage, acupuncture or Pilates.



Curing you means working with you, rather than simply telling you what to do. We’re aiming to achieve a long-lasting result with every single patient.


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