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Real-Time Ultrasound Scanning @W5 Physio

April 2, 2014 by

We are very excited to announce that W5 Physio can now offer our patients real-time ultrasound scanning to assist in the diagnosis and management of their musculoskeletal injuries, at no extra cost.
“The Ultrasound scanner is a brilliant adjunct to a patients’s treatment” says senior physio Taryn Schutz. “It allows us to clearly show the actual injury, I’m real time. This isn’t just great for confirming diagnoses, but we can then use the scanner to show the progress of the injury on each subsequent physiotherapy session”.

Here is an example of a scan of a partial tear of a calf muscle (Grade II tear medial head of gastrocnemius). From the image, we can see the tear of the muscle fibres creating the black oval shaped ‘hole’ in the middle, the blackness is blood within the muscle as a result of the tear.

During each treatment session, we would re-scan the injury to show the patient the formation of new muscle fibres as we help heal the muscle, then progressively strengthen it to result in a full recovery.
If you have any questions about the ultrasound scanner at W5 Physio, its uses or treatment options, feel free to give us a call.
The W5 Physio Team

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