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Sports injuries

January 31, 2013 by

Sports Injuries. Unfortunately, in an effort to keep fit and healthy, 30% of us will pick up a sports related injury every year, that’s 22 million injuries per year nationwide! The most common injuries occur from football, rugby and running, and muscle pulls and joint sprains account for 80% of all injuries. If you do injure yourself during sport/activity, here are some tips for management.

  1. Use the RICE protocol, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation,for the first 72 hours, after which you may take anti-inflammatory tablets only if safe to do so (consult your chemist or GP first).
  2. Avoid any activities that cause further pain, ie we wouldn’t recommend running on a sprained ankle, or playing tennis with an injured shoulder.
  3. The sooner physio treatment can begin, the faster we can accelerate the healing process, so once you’re mobile enough, book in to see us and start the road to recovery!

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