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Shoulder complaints

January 31, 2013 by

Shoulder pain is the 3rd highest musculoskeletal condition yearly in the UK, with up to 26% of the population suffering from a shoulder problem in their lives (patient.co.uk). As the shoulder is the most complex joint in the body, the causes of pain in a shoulder is hugely varied. Generally speaking, the ‘4 most common causes’ of shoulder pain are rotator cuff disorders (the stabilizing muscles), glenohumeral disorders (the ball and socket joint), acromioclavicular joint disease (collar bone to shoulder blade attachment) and finally referred pain from the neck. The precise causes of these ‘common causes’ can involve trauma (falling and landing on an out-stretched hand, or onto the shoulder itself), sports injury (rugby, cricket, tennis and racquet sports, golf to name but a few), poor posture and arthritic conditions.

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